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Eliminate the Risk of Human Error with Package Seal Testers

Your leak prevention equipment can only work as well as the people operating it work, and there is unfortunately always the risk of human error in the workplace. Whether a machine malfunctions or human error is at play, package leaks can be disastrous for your business to contend with. Leaky packaging can result in unhealthy contamination. The food in the packaging could spoil or rot, and it could become unhealthy for individuals to consume. When this happens, there is always a risk of liability for your company. Your company may have to deal with the financial nightmare of a recall, a class action lawsuit or something similar. With the use of a package seal tester, you can reduce this risk to your benefit. For additional information, visit FlexPak and learn more from their online resources.

What Is a Package Seal Tester?
If your company has never used a package seal tester before, you may be wondering what it is. This is a special type of safety equipment that is designed to verify the integrity of the seals on your packaging. With its use, another step is added to the manufacturing process, but this last step in the process is vital to the safety of your products. You essentially pass your products through the seal testing equipment to determine if the package is airtight as you need it to be. If it is not, you can scrap that product and move on to the next one. If you identity a series of poorly sealed containers, you can look internally for the error with manpower or with your machines.

Which Companies Need Package Seal Testers?
There are different types of seal testers on the market today, and this means that they are well-suited for use with a wide range of products. If your products have a tight seal on them, they would benefit from testing. This may include everything from canned goods to cereal, cheeses, processed meats and more. Some seal testers use a vacuum, and others use a tank of water to look for air bubbles. Both methods are effective at identifying leaks in seals, and some equipment uses a combination of methods for better overall results.

Leaking packaging is something that business owners and managers do not want to contend with. This equates to a loss in productivity and profitability. However, it is critical that your team identifies the presence of leaks in packaging before the products are shipped to stores for sales. Internally, your team can use package seal testers to ensure that only the highest quality products are shipped out for sale. For additional information, visit FlexPak and learn more from their online resources.

Why You Need Document Shredding Services ASAP

Document shredding businesses are abundant in many towns. You can take advantage of this by hiring one for your business. Document shredding companies are in the business of taking large sums of personal documents and destroying them by shredding them to pieces. They use secure and precise methods and heavy equipment to completely obliterate all of the sensitive information that they receive. If your business has not yet secured such services, then you truly need to start contacting a supplier of these services. More information can be found at Shred-it, which provides additional resources. The reasons are as follows:

Shredding Services Reduce Clutter

One reason to order shredding services is to reduce the amount of clutter in your business that comes in every day. Clutter accumulates quickly if you are a business that constantly has to take pictures of identification documents like licenses and social security cards. Examples of businesses that may take an excessive amount of copies are cell phone companies and governmental offices that process grant applications. If you have such a business or a business that is similar to that, then you will want to shred the documents.

Shredding Services Increase Company Integrity

Hiring a respectable shredding company will improve the way that other businesses and the customers see your business. They will develop a trust in your establishment that they do not have in any other establishment. Customers will know that they can trust you and other businesses will be comfortable dealing with your company.

Shredding Services Protect the Customers

Shredding services protect the customers from identity theft and other modes of harm that can come when information is not properly disposed of. By hiring a reputable shredding company, you are letting your customers know that you care enough about them to ensure that their information is free from harm. They will appreciate you for your concern in the end.

How to Secure Shredding Services Today

You can order reliable shredding services today by calling a company that specializes in providing the services. You may want to compare at least three companies before you choose one for your business. The things that you will want to compare besides the prices are the services and the consumer reviews. Consumer reviews will give you an idea as to how reliable the company is. You can compare the prices of three to five places to make sure that the price that you get fits the budget that you have set aside for your advertising.

Make sure that you choose a company that provides you with some good conveniences. An example of convenience is a pickup service. Some shredding companies will come to your office and pick up the material that you want shredded. Call for a meeting with such a company today. More information can be found at Shred-it, which provides additional resources.