4 Ways to Make a Call Centre More Efficient and Productive

Trying to increase a call centre’s efficiency and productivity by merely overworking agents may not give the desired results. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop call centre managers from trying. Customer service teams have, for long, been treated as replaceable and disposable, with some companies pushing their agents to the brink of exhaustion. Every company is looking for ways to cut unnecessary costs and reduce wait time at call centres, but overworking your agents isn’t a viable idea in the long run. A good place to learn more information is at the Extend Communications website. Here are a few tips for treating agents with dignity while ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.

1. Keep Your Staff Motivated

Agents can be motivated to perform at their best by involving them in decision-making and letting them know their goals. Studies have shown that workers who take part in decision-making work harder and efficiently than their counterparts. Thus, it is essential to ask agents for ideas to improve customer experience and efficiency at work. Also, authoritative agents who feel flexible when addressing their clients’ needs tend to be more responsive and effective. Rewarding agents with gift cards and cash bonuses can also motivate them to go the extra mile. However, first, decide what achievements to reward before publicizing your reward program.

2. Ensure Easier Access to Customer Information

Both technology and workforce can affect productivity. So, even a highly motivated call centre needs the right tools to work efficiently and faster. Easier access to information can improve the handling time and efficiency of a customer service team. It also enhances the customer experience and reduces human errors. Most customer service teams’ efficiency hinges on the implementation of the right policies and the use of technology. Hence, a customer service team must implement systems that can access all the information and simplify it.

3. Review Workflows

Your agents could be highly motivated and have access to all the information but still be held back by poor organizational workflows. Responding to calls can be repetitive, but it can be made easier by building repeatable workflows. Saving follow up emails and common internal notations on an integrated system can reduce wait time. Call centres can also prevent their agents from typing the same thing repeatedly by integrating their systems with useful snippets. It will improve their consistency and make the team more productive.

4. Reduce Turnover

Retaining your top talent can reduce wait time and training costs. Reduced turnover can also help customer service teams monitor their efficiency and productivity. The easiest way to prevent agents from quitting is to provide them with a supportive environment. Encouraging workers to take periodic breaks throughout the day boosts motivation and satisfaction. After all, humans aren’t designed to remain active throughout the day.